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Radio Affiliates

Dynamite Christian Country is heard on a variety of stations across the United States and Canada. We are always looking to expand into new areas, so if DCC is not currently heard in your city be sure to contact your local radio station and kindly ask them to consider airing the program. For more information please e-mail Mark Hunter the host and producer of Dynamite Christian Country.

Below you will find a complete listing of stations who carry Dynamite Christian Country, and the time which they air the program. Clicking on each station below will take you to their website where you can learn more about each station, and the area they serve.

All times listed below are the local times that the program is heard on each station. Stations can change the broadcast time for a variety of reasons so please check with the local station if the time below is not accurate.


Radio Station Affiliates:

Affiliate City State Time

Loudon TN Sunday 6:00 AM

KNGR 1560 AM "King Country"
Daingerfield TX Wednesday 7:00 PM

WRMV 94.5 FM "Cross Country FM"
Madison Heights VA Sunday 2:30 PM
Station will also carry the program at various other times during the week.
KTRJ 93.7 FM Winthrop WA Saturday & Sunday 4 PM



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